nShield as a Service

nShield as a Service is a subscription-based solution for generating, accessing and protecting cryptographic key material, separately from sensitive data, using dedicated FIPS 140-2-certified nShield Connect HSMs. Download the datasheet to learn more.

2019 한국암호화동향보고서

기업 데이터 침해가 매일 헤드라인을 장식하는 가운데 기업의 업무상 중요 애플리케이션 또한 악의적인 위협 및 직원 실수에 의한 침해 위험에 노출되어 있습니다. 한국의 IT 보안 전문가 325 명을 대상으로 진행한 연구 결과, 데이터 보호를 위한 암호화 및 애플리케이션 강화를 지원하는 하드웨어 보안 모듈(HSM) 사용이 급증한 것으로 나타났습니다.


PKI Scoping Study

Embarking on a PKI project can be daunting due to the range of options and possibilities. The nCipher Professional Services (PS) team can help you determine the security, technical, and operational requirements, to plan your implementation or upgrade project. Download the PKI Scoping Study datasheet to learn more.

Memjet assures secure licensing and manufacturing with nShield

In the past, marketing was based on volume. Marketers created one message and printed high-volumes of that message for a wide audience. This type of marketing required the use of printing presses that could keep pace with the volume, not the message.

Today, as consumers demand more personalized experiences from the companies they work with, this type of mass-communication is being replaced with more personalized messages. The presses that once produced such big volumes of print were not capable of creating small, customized messages that add value.

nCipher Security HSMs secure Verifone’s VeriShield total protect solution

How a leader in secure electronic POS solutions ensures protection of cardholder data from acceptance to processing in a demanding environment


As a leader in trusted and secure payment solutions, Verifone understood that retailers needed a better way to secure credit card transactions and reduce the risk of compromise of their customers’ data.

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